Human Remains: Art influenced by the Iraq war

A Group art exhibit, with war poets. September 11th through October 11th at The Float Gallery. Not since the war in Vietnam has the United States experienced such raw emotion evoked by unnecessary loss, deep political division and economic waste.

The Human Remains exhibit offers an avenue for Bay Area artists and poets to fully express themselves around these events. Regardless of whether you are pro war or anti war, you can’t help but feel the emotional impact of the artists’ work. During the opening party we will assault the eye and surround the viewer with mixed media, film and spoken word.

Artists included in the exhibit: Bill Stoneham, Collin Harris, Marty McCorkle, Melissa Sweat, Janeyce Ouellette, Anna Tsiarta, Kari Ann Owen, Tony C. Yang, Diego Marcial Rios, Anastasia Winter Schipani, Bernard Rauch, Heather Whitehead, and Marisa Handler.

The Float Gallery
1091 Calcot Place #116
Oakland, CA


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