The Float Gallery presents Exoskeleton

aaa-my-brain-unpluggedJingletown’s Float Gallery presents Exoskeleton: Paintings by Philippe Janssens, Sculpture and Jewelry by Victoria Skirpa. Opening party May 9th 6-9pm, with DJ KODA (45 Amp Recordings). Show runs may 3rd through June 20th, 2009 at the Float Gallery, 1091 Calcot Place #116 in Oakland.

Electric, synaptic and mysterious, painter Philippe Janssens and sculptor-jeweler Victoria Skirpa continue to refine the evolution of imagination and adornment. Philippe Janssens’ paintings are channeled directly from his spirit and imagination. He gives form to these colorful and odd-shaped beings. They leave you intrigued and wondering, what multidimensional universe have they evolved from? What universe do we step into as we look upon them?

Victoria Skirpa draws from living forms to create her sculpture and jewelry. Skirpa makes pieces that are dynamically functional by inter-playing the mechanical and organic, simultaneously. You will discover elements of living organisms and symbols encapsulated in the armor of her work.

For more information about the artists, show and Float gallery, visit Float’s website


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