Happy 4th Birthday to the Institute of Mosaic Art!

ima_logoSunday, June 7th 3-6 pm There is actually alot going on this weekend at IMA. Our birthday (red velvet cake!) celebration coincides with artist receptions for FIVE exhibits that are just going up:

Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye Exhibit: 7 wonderful mosaic mandalas from Lillian Sizemore’s signature class. This work is breathtaking and presented in a very unique way. Curated by Lillian Sizemore.

Renegade Quilting Exhibit: Mixed media, renegade quilts by students of Madeline Behrens- Brigham’s class, Renegade Quilting, curated by her as well. Wonderful presentation in the back gallery space.

Student Sculpture and the Roots of Mosaic: Mixed media two- and three- dimensional work from classes at IMA. Curated by IMA instructor Tracy Broback.

Solo Exhibits:

Kelley Knickerbocker: Radical Dimensions in Glass. Last chance to see this wonderful collection of unique work before t goes back to Seattle.

Laurel True: Visions/ Journeys– New Work from Oakland to New Orleans. Asphalt, concrete and oyster shells mix with recycled glass and discarded jewels.

SUNDAY Shakedown! Come help us celebrate 4 years of inspiration, education and good times. 3-6 pm We will have cake (already mentioned), eats, vino and non- vino. Lots of artists and friends and visitors milling about. Get your photo taken for the IMA Yearbook.

3-4 pm mosaic maven Linda Archinal will provide musical entertainment and a wonderful accompaniment to all the great artwork.

4 pm Mind’s Eye Presentation and introduction of Artists.

4: 30pm Introduction of Renegade Quilters and Student Artists

Visit IMA’s website for more information


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