Happy 4th Birthday to the Institute of Mosaic Art!

ima_logoSunday, June 7th 3-6 pm There is actually alot going on this weekend at IMA. Our birthday (red velvet cake!) celebration coincides with artist receptions for FIVE exhibits that are just going up:

Mosaics from the Mind’s Eye Exhibit: 7 wonderful mosaic mandalas from Lillian Sizemore’s signature class. This work is breathtaking and presented in a very unique way. Curated by Lillian Sizemore.

Renegade Quilting Exhibit: Mixed media, renegade quilts by students of Madeline Behrens- Brigham’s class, Renegade Quilting, curated by her as well. Wonderful presentation in the back gallery space.

Student Sculpture and the Roots of Mosaic: Mixed media two- and three- dimensional work from classes at IMA. Curated by IMA instructor Tracy Broback.

Solo Exhibits:

Kelley Knickerbocker: Radical Dimensions in Glass. Last chance to see this wonderful collection of unique work before t goes back to Seattle.

Laurel True: Visions/ Journeys– New Work from Oakland to New Orleans. Asphalt, concrete and oyster shells mix with recycled glass and discarded jewels.

SUNDAY Shakedown! Come help us celebrate 4 years of inspiration, education and good times. 3-6 pm We will have cake (already mentioned), eats, vino and non- vino. Lots of artists and friends and visitors milling about. Get your photo taken for the IMA Yearbook.

3-4 pm mosaic maven Linda Archinal will provide musical entertainment and a wonderful accompaniment to all the great artwork.

4 pm Mind’s Eye Presentation and introduction of Artists.

4: 30pm Introduction of Renegade Quilters and Student Artists

Visit IMA’s website for more information


One thought on “Happy 4th Birthday to the Institute of Mosaic Art!

  1. Did your group do the wonderful huge outdoor mozaics in Alameda? (One is on Blanding at the Perforce building…). Would love to learn more about what you do, thanks! Carol

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