Red Clutch Awards Announced

clutchBy now, everyone who’s anyone knows that our own Cynthia Elliot won the ‘Neighborhood Dynamo” award at the Oakland Indies this year. One of her fabulous prizes was a gorgeous red clutch purse (actually a gift bag, but we’re creative reusers like that). Being the dynamo that she is, always thinking about how to engage the community, Cynthia has started the Red Clutch Awards. Every month, the award (and said purse) will be gifted to a community member that does something above and beyond the call. The first winner was announced in June as none other than Bill Silviera.

billredpurseThough no amount of cajolling could get Bill to match the clutch with a nice pair of red pumps, he held it proudly like a disease in the safety of his own home just long enough to take this photo; so honored was he to be the first recipient.


iPhone Aug 2009 050I am proud to announce that yours truly was July’s winner, and I am just so grateful and humbled to have received it for this lousy website. Here I am tearfully thanking my adoring fans.

After winning the Red Clutch Award, the winner must add something interesting to the bag to mark their territory, then choose who they wish to gift it to at the next month’s JABC meeting. Now, some JABC members were not pleased with our lack of clarity on the rules for these awards, but rest assured, we will soon have a notarized document spelling it all out for future winners. This will of course be done by committee, and should be finalized by 2011.

The next winner of the Red Clutch Award will be announced here, and at the August JABC meeting, August 13th. I know you’re all as excited as I am to see who I choose to carry the torch / gift bag; not to mention what I’ll choose to add to its growing contents.


One thought on “Red Clutch Awards Announced

  1. Our own Webmaster Heather Whitehead was the August recipient of the Red Clutch Purse award. Don’t know if she was too shy to announce the honor! Thanks for all your work here!

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