Paint and Varnish Day Oct. 22-23 11am – 1pm

If you have your artwork up on the Peterson Art Wall Ocober 22-23 is finish and varnish day.

Attention Wall Artists:  You need to Varnish your mural before we plant the garden.  I am getting the plants from the native plant nursery this weekend!  So you need to call me and to borrow the bucket of varnish anytime to complete your square, it needs to be washed first then painted with 1-2 coats of varnish to protect it from graffiti and the elements.  You may do this anytime in the next two weeks, I have sent out several emails explaining that this is each artists’ responsibility.  

And If your mural square is not finished being painted and I have not heard from you, it will be whitewashed and given away in a juried lottery next spring when we finish the community and youth murals on the chapman end.

I will commit to being out there at the wall the weekend of Oct 22nd and 23rd at 11 AM and will stay until 1 PM to assist with the Varnishing of panels etc.  If no one shows up I am NOT planning on Varnishing them by myself !!!  
And everyone else, I am sending this to you as  friendly and helpful neighbors, show up if you would like to help with this sort of thing and bring a ladder or a paint brush if you have it!
Also we will be gardening beginning on  Nov. 5th and 6th if not sooner. Keep your email peeled for other planting working dates!
Thank you in advance.  -Jill

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