Join us for weeding and whacking off…in Jingletown…

Neighbors & friends,

Sunday 1/20, 10-2p.

Monday 1/21, 10-2p.

To celebrate Martin Luther King National Day of Service Monday 1/21/13, we will be having a Environmental Stewardship project by planting trees (finally) at the Art Wall & Garden. We have purchased 2 Trident Maples & 2 Aristocrat Pears from Urban Releaf.

There is lots of weeding and prep work to be done. Weeds need to be pulled, dead plants removed, overgrown plants trimmed and some plants will need to be moved to make room for the trees.

Tree wells will need to be dug. There was a suggestion of renting a a fence post auger to help with the tree well digging.

Since there is so much work, I am proposing breaking it into two days.

Two days will also give people a choice of days if they have holiday plans.

Please feel free to bring kids out, some schools give credit for community service and we can sign any school forms. We may get a visit from Mayor Quan and we will invite our new Councilperson Noel Gallo.

Please pass this email on to your building email list.

Question? I can be contacted at the email below.



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