Jingletown Meeting Minutes

Tuesday February 19, 2013 a JABC EBOS & General Meeting was held at Apples and Oranges Gallery, 2934 Ford St. #21.

John Zak requested to commandeer/lead the meeting as he felt that the meeting was originally scheduled at his bequest. Judy Chamberlin took the minutes. He also requested to continue having regularly scheduled meetings to further spearhead JABC community projects and events. A vote was held and passed to hold general JABC meetings on the 3rd Tuesdays every other month at 7:15pm. The next meeting will be April16, 2013 at Mariah Carle’s studio at the Exchange Studios #104, Lisa Locke will Chair and Kent (Andrews?) will take the minutes.

1. The 1st order of business concerned the sad news that our neighbor Jerome Mark has taken a turn for the worse in his battle with cancer and is not expected to survive much longer. A vote was held and passed to donate xxx  from the JABC general fund to Jerome to help with expenses. It is encouraged for individuals to donate what they can, checks made out to Jerome Mark, and give them to either Cynthia or Jerome’s partner Mike.

2. Treasurer Report: JABC has 2 accounts,
General account has xxxx (an additional xxxx still pending from new members)
Artwall account has xxxx JABC is required to spend xxxx (a portion donated by the City of Oakland) by May 2013, at this time the plan is to buy more plants and build benches. Everyone will hear more on-line from Cynthia and Jill regarding these projects.
It was discussed creating a JABC treasury committee to make decisions regarding funding requests from individual JABC members. Up to this point all requests were brought to Cynthia alone. It was then decided that from now on the decision committee would also include Kathy, the treasurer and John Zak.

3. Web Business: (Mariah please include your report, I actually couldn’t catch everything you said, sorry and thanks)

4. Lisa Locke reported that she keeps a spread sheet on JABC members, and lets them know when it’s their time to renew their membership fees. We currently have (roughly) 99 members.

5. Marketing Business: Ben Arons brought up the subject of creating a JABC business card and/or postcard bulleting Jingletown info ie. website, Facebook etc. It was voted on and decided to create both, a business card and postcard with the design committee including Ben, Jan Watten, Chris Ellingson, Fernando Reyes, Bill Silveira, and Susan Tuttle.

6. Our next big JABC event is Earth Day April 19, 2013. More info will be announced.

7. Cynthia still needs volunteers to man the parking lot for the Elephant Sale, March 2 & 3, from 9am – @ 5:30pm.Please call her to let her know your availability. Mariah will donate another 100 bumper stickers to pass out, along with post cards from past Jingletown open studios. This has been a successful way for JABC to let people know about our community and events.
8.Christopher Ellingson reported on the EBOS/JABC open studio status so far: we have 14 officially and need one more to get our ad up to the next level in size which I belive is a ¼ page ad in the PRO ARTS catalog of artists for EBOS2013. Several artists participants from last years EBOS have moved, are not participating in this years event, or are not yet registered. A meeting will be held on Tuesday March 19th with the EBOS planning comity to solidify status of JABC participation in EBOS 2013 and plan finances for the Jingletown end of that event accordingly.
9. It was announced that Jingletown art galleries are participating with Alameda art galleries in being open 2nd Fridays 6-9pm. The participating galleries: Gray Loft, Apples and Oranges, WhiteWalls and Peter Dreyfuss will band together and design a postcard to distribute.

10. Consideration for an event, “Jingletown in July” was brought up and put on the back burner until someone steps up to chair the project.

11. Consideration for more Jingletown Movie Nights was brought up. They will be announced after more planning.

12. Congratulations to our Mayor, Cynthia Elliot. Cynthia announced her appointment as a Board Member to the city of Oakland Public Works “Keep Oakland Beautiful” foundation.

13. Bill Silveira wanted to let everyone know that they can catch him on TRU TV Sunday February 24, 2013 on CONTAINER WARS. He will be the Appraiser Guy!

14. Also, kudos to our treasurer Karen, she told us that she is part of an artist group called Plexus, that designs and makes outrageous and beautiful hats for women cancer patients, which were featured in a movie called “Mondays at Racines” which is up for an academy award!


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