Jingletown meeting notes: April 15, 2013


Lisa      What’s happening with Phoenix Commons?

They hope to break ground in 2013, but still need an okay from the Army Corps of Engineers and another group(?).


Bev        What to do if developers want to tear the Art Wall down.

Jill Mc will look into this. Of course, we hope that any new development will find a way to preserve the art wall, but Jill will try to get more information, maybe to see if it can be considered a neighborhood landmark.


Karen B will give a treasure’s report

This should stay on all agendas. I did not write down all the details, but we have some money left to be spent from the art wall grants and the grant needs to be closed out. Kudos to Cynthia and everyone’s efforts for raising a lot of money for White Elephant sale parking fees. Karen also requested that ANY/ALL receipts (especially for EBOS) please clearly mark what neighborhood project it is for so she can classify it correctly.
Art Wall

Cynthia is arranging with two guys at Ford St Studios to get us concrete benches which they design at a concrete studio.

“To do” list for the art wall includes: sealing the art wall and putting in the dog poop bag dispenser. We will keep this on the agenda and arrange a neighborhood effort at a later date.

Plan a “finished the art wall” celebration and invite the neighborhood, outside admirers and city officials and mucky mucks. J Sometime in July…. TBA
Keep on Agenda: We may also be losing some of our parking lots so we need to come up with other WES fundraising ideas. Please submit any and all ideas!
Larissa mentioned that the Jingletown folks on the other side of the freeway (Cotton Mill neighborhood and surrounds), some of the people and neighbors may feel estranged from the JABC group. This is an early step to open communications, so please ask that other Cotton Mill and neighborhood residents be invited to join the meetings. Larissa, if you have a separate neighborhood email group, please forward the information to them and let them know everyone is welcome. We all try to invite the community on this side too, so it would be great if you spread the word on your side. As you may know, Susan Tuttle is very involved in the group. Also, if anyone over there feels as strongly as you do, please ask them to host a meeting. And please ask them to join JABC and pay dues.


Michelle Diaz, RN, BSN

She said: I’m willing to help coordinate neighborhood emergency preparedness and teach American Heart Association CPR/First Aid/ courses for the cost of the materials only (I’m a certified instructor and would donate my time). Michelle said the classes would be approximately $25 or so for CPR. Lisa offered to get together with Michelle for a sub-committee and start the process. Michelle, please reach out to me to pick a time to get together to brainstorm. CPR class can also be taught in Spanish.

Illegal parking-White Elephant sale days

Cynthia said there is a Towing company on Derby (Is this the one?  http://towing-oakland.com/ ). Cynthia said if you sign a contract with them, you can get a no parking/tow away zone sign for your driveway and when someone parks there illegally, they will tow the car without having to involve the police. Cynthia, if any of this is incorrect, please let us know.


Block party/neighborhood garage sale during White Elephant Sale days

Michelle mentioned having a big block garage sale near 420 Gallery and blocking the street to make money on parking spaces, AND have a neighborhood garage sale. We’ll keep this on the agenda and Michelle can let us know the status of it.


Neighborhood BBQ in September??? Will keep this on the agenda.
EBOS-East Bay Open Studios

Chris E said we got donations/paid advertising to cover the costs of the beautiful tri-fold brochure. Great going to all who were involved! We are getting sandwich boards and banners for EBOS (sorry, I didn’t get the full details on this). They will not have dates and so are re-usable.
Alternate meeting times/days

We discussed this and though unfortunate, we can’t please everyone, so the meetings will remain for now on the Third Tuesday of the month, on the even months (April, June, Aug, etc), the meeting seems to be drawing record numbers of attendees so we will keep the meeting date for now.


Jan Watten

Winter Art Walk, December 7 – 8.  I would like to start planning this after the June open studios. Looking for committee members to help with: advertising, graphic design, card distribution, sandwich board and day-of event details. Let me know what you would like help with. Thanks.  Everyone agreed it’s a bit early (though we know how quickly it comes up) to discuss this. Let’s keep this on the agenda and Jan can discuss at the June meeting.

The next JABC meeting  is Tues, June 18, 7.15pm. Come one, come all.

I’m happy to chair the next meeting, but we need a note taker.


Thanks everyone!

Lisa L.



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