Jingletown Community

Jingletown Arts & Business Community (JABC)

Jingletown Arts & Business Community (JABC) is a dynamic grass-roots assembly of neighborhood artists, musicians, merchants, businesspeople and other residents, come together in the spirit of cooperation and symbiosis, to foster and nurture community, to encourage and promote the mutual exchange of ideas, creativity, resources, expertise, sponsorship, productivity and patronage.

In a time when our neighborhood is growing by leaps and bounds, it is furthermore our goal to stimulate in the greater Bay Area and beyond, awareness of and support for the rich and diverse population of working, exhibiting and performing artists, and other creative denizens of Jingletown.

We continue to establish and pursue short and long term goals for the development of Jingletown, plan community events, participate in East Bay Open Studios, produce the Jingletown Arts Fair, endorse the diverse culture that has long been at the heart of Jingletown, and empower the furtherance of what has become a superb burgeoning arts district.

Jingletown Networking and Communication

Jingletown participates in many online as well as offline communities:

All posted meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to join in and network with us.

Here are some forums and networks we belong to:

Jingletown Facebook Page

Jingletown Nextdoor Page

Jingletown Yahoo Group

You can also subscribe to this very blog on the main page right hand side…

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Living and working in Jingletown

Oakland’s Jingletown Arts District lies between the boundaries of 23rd Ave to Fruitvale Ave, and 12th St to the Oakland/Alameda Estuary. Jingletown has several lofts here is a partial list of them if you are looking to become  a new neighbor. If you live or work in Jingletown, join  JABC! You can also download our JABC membership form and send in a check if you’d prefer.

Exchange Studios

Ford Street Studios

Cotton Mill Studios

Boathouse Lofts @ Ford & Derby

Cornerstone Lofts Contact:  agilmore2@sbcglobal.net

Grey Lofts Michael Stewart:  mwsart@jps.net

The Jingletown Junction

The neighborhood of Jingletown is in the path of major redevelopment. JABC is dedicated to preserving the integrity of Jingletown’s rich cultural heritage, its diverse group of families, artists and local businesses, and its continued affordability to those who live and work in Jingletown. JABC participates in City of Oakland planning meetings, and has an active subcommittee dedicated to following these issues. Upcoming meetings on area development will be posted on this page, along with pertinent documents and updates from JABC members on various community, subcommittee and city meetings, specific projects open to public comment and more. All city and community meetings will also be posted in the Event Calendar section of the web site.

The History of Jingletown

Jingletown is located in Oakland, California. Today it is principally a Latino populated area, but Jingletown got its name from Portugese cannery workers who would walk home from canning fruits from Fruitvale when they got paid and they’d “jingle” their pockets to express their pride in their earnings. Oakland’s Jingletown section is currently thriving as one of the fastest growing arts districts in the San Francisco Bay area. Among other notable artistic enterprises, it is the location of the only Institute of Mosaic Art in the United States. There are a large number of residential artists living in the converted lofts that are situated between the Park and the Fruitvale street bridges along the estuary that separates Oakland from the island of Alameda. For more history and some great photos of old Jingletown, visit Juan Martinez’s website.


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