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2934 Ford Street, #36
Oakland, Ca 94601

For membership and general information, email Cynthia

If you have a community event or art exhibit in the area you’d like us to consider posting, email: JABC Webmaster


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  1. I am a potter and I am looking for a studio space for rent. I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of where there would be any space for rent. Thank for your help.

  2. I am surprised that the name Jingle Town was kept for the location also known as Kennedy Track. I was a long time resident of the area and I am pleased to see this website and others like it based from my old neighborhood. I worked for years at Lucasey’s Manufacturing Corporation and John Lucaseys(“owner of studio 880 in Jingle Town grandfather Joe Lucasey”). I did not enjoy leaving my job although time was moving on and I had to follow. My ancestery form Jingle Town dates back to the turn to the 19th century. My grandfather help build the church and neighborhood. The saying “I like what you done to the place” goes well here. My family has passed on or moved
    but still holds a spot for old JingleTown. Keep up the good work.
    Daniel J. Gonsalves

  3. Oakland Museum of California

    Celebrate with OMCA! The newly transformed Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) opens Saturday, May 1, with 31 hours of continuous, round-the-clock free programs and events.

    The festivities begin at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 1, on the street in front of the new Oak Street entrance with a Native American Ohlone blessing, a marching band, Project Bandaloop performing a spectacular aerial dance, and more. And the non-stop celebration continues through 6 p.m. Sunday, May 2. “Only in California” Saturday afternoon activities highlight the innovative and creative spirit of California.

    Saturday evening and overnight activities take on a more adult flavor with dancing, food, a no-host bar, flashlight tours, and conversations on unique California topics—merging into early morning yoga.

    Sunday is especially for families with dancing, drumming, juggling, the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, and more. The new OMCA Store will be open the full 31 hours so visitors can shop throughout the event.

    And of course the highlight of the 31 hours will be the excitement of discovering the story of California, the story of you, in the new Galleries of California Art and History.

    Visit for more information

  4. I was born and raised in Jingletown in 1949 and I have such great memories of my Portuguese family that lived there. My cousins and grandparents. It was where we had the Holy Ghost parades and great food. I love that you still call it Jingletown.

  5. I wish the JingleTown walk postcard would indicate which locations are wheelchair accessible.

    Last year I went with a friend who uses a power wheelchair- it was an exercise in disapointment. Over half of the locations that we went to were not accessible (we couldn’t even get into the front door.)

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