Welcome to the Jingletown store.

Update your membership here and purchase some awesome Jingletown swag such as T-shirts and Stickers.

Would you like to be listed in our business directory?

Other Contact Information:

[ ] Friend of JABC? Living or working outside of the Jingletown boundaries

Please describe your interest in this neighborhood association: include ideas you may have about neighborhood activities, website, business directory, fundraising, art projects, community growth….

List skills you are interested in contributing to the organization:
PLEASE RETURN THIS COMPLETED FORM AND MEMBERSHIP FEE TO: JABC c/o Cynthia Elliott @ 2934 Ford Street, #36, 94601
Membership Fees: 25.00/individual. 40.00 for partners & 60.00 for groups/families (3+)Join our Yahoo group! This is how we communicate with each other!Go to: and enter JingletownArtsandBiz in the search window.
Become a Fan of our Facebook page TOO! Search for Jingletown Arts & Business Community


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